Tax Relief the Texas Way

Texans need property tax relief now to deal with the skyrocketing cost of living.

When it comes to property tax relief, both the House and Senate have ideas that are worthy of support.

It is important to appreciate that some reforms, like appraisal caps, come with serious long-term consequences.

Why Appraisal Caps Don’t Work.
Appraisal caps modeled after California’s failed tax policies have led to many painful unintended consequences.

The Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals is dedicated to promote and support a property tax system in the State of Texas that will preserve, protect, and defend the rights of taxpayers.

A compromise would combine the homestead exemption with property tax rate compression to provide significant and immediate relief to all Texans without the unintended and negative consequences of appraisal caps.

For Homeowners

Increase the homestead exemption to $100,000, saving the average homeowner $1,316 per year.

For Seniors

Increase the homestead exemption for seniors and the disabled to $110,000, saving them $1,487 a year.

For Taxpayers

Provide relief to taxpayers by compressing property tax rates for all homeowners and businesses by 13%.

Oppose California-Style Appraisal Caps

See What Texas and National Tax Experts are Saying

Keep California’s
Failed Tax Policy
Out of Texas

Appraisal caps modeled after California’s failed tax policies have led to many painful unintended consequences, including:


Highest Taxes

In the Nation

California has among the highest state income, sales, gas, and property taxes in the country.


Largest Divide

Between Rich and Poor

California has the largest divide between rich and poor in the nation with older, higher income property owners getting the biggest tax breaks while lower income and younger people pay significantly more in taxes than they would without appraisal caps.



Housing Shortage

California has a massive housing shortage, higher housing costs, increased homelessness, and the nation’s highest cost of living.



Between Neighbors

California has massive inequities between neighbors who own similarly valued homes paying dramatically different property taxes to maintain the same schools, police, fire, streets, sewers,
and parks.



Into Their Homes

Californians are locked into their homes and discouraged from reinvesting because of the tax consequences of improving their property or moving to a new home.



in School Performance

California dropped in school performance from among the best in the nation to near bottom today as local school budgets were cut and state control expanded.